Through an Exile Lens Project launching in London


The current climate in Tibet is critical and 2008 has provided the greatest opportunity the Tibetan community has had to make its voice heard as China prepares for the forthcoming Olympics, using its platform and media spotlight to promote itself on the world stage. This project aims to support the Tibetan cause through a celebration of Tibetan visual culture, offering UK audiences the chance to discover and explore this rich and vibrant culture.

We’ve brought together an exciting selection of recent work, offering new insights into current life in Tibet and exploring the exile ‘condition’ of Tibetan refugees in India, taking a fresh, young and raw approach. We’ve achieved this through footage and images previously unseen in the UK, straight from the heart of the exile community in India and its burgeoning creative scene, providing a deeper understanding of the true reality of what it means to be Tibetan today.

See the events page for details of the forthcoming programme. We look forward to seeing you at our events soon!

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